Karin Cup Beach Handball Tournament '23: Aalsmeer ready to host participants from 12 nations at "The Beach Center"

Karin CUP 2022

After a successful edition in 2022, the Aalsmeer Indoor EBT "Karin Cup" it's ready to come back in same city and venue, with more enthusiasm because every year it's growinp up and improving.

From 26 to 28 December the Indoor Internation Beach handball tournament will be held in really nice venue of "The beach - indoor sport & event center" in Aalsmeer, town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland, bordered by the Westeinderplassen lake, the largest open water of the Randstad, and the Ringvaart Canal. The town is located 13 km southwest of Amsterdam.

Expectation are high again because there will be 2 groups in the men's category, 2 in the women's category, with the addition of the Under 16 boys, Under 18 girls and lot of extra activities for 3 full days of sport at 360°, not only because spinshoots and 12 nations represented by all participants.

12 men teams from Netherlands, France, Germany and Denmark will fight for podium of Karin Cup 2023. New teams will be present for their first time as Aarhus and Ry Beach from Denmark, French Corsairs from France and boys of Beach Bazis from Germany and all of them will do all their best against strong and experts team as Tilburg (NED), local guys of Hiekka Hauskaa that will be also organizers, the 12 Monkey's Koln (GER) that will try to improve the bronze from last edition, Beach and Da Gang U21 (GER) that last year got the gold medal and will be the defending Champions, with Feyenoord (NED) that participated at last Champions Cup and Schurwald (GER) that it's growing year after year and can create lot of problems as "outsiders".

12 teams will compete also in the female category, that can give a lot of good games and high level considering the participants.

The reigning champions of the last edition in 2019 of Westsite Amsterdam will have to deal with the strong danish girls of The Danish Beach Handball Dream who won the EBT finals in Antalya (Turkey), the National Championship and last champions cup in Porto Santo (Portugal) for a real dominance in 2023. But dutch girls are ready as always and will use all their talent and experience. Furthemore, there will be the strong dutch girls of Volendam that in last years are participating at many Ebt tournaments and also Ebt finals and Champions Cup, Hiekka Hauskaa and Black Lake that already shawn their grow up and capacity to fight with everybody, specially last year during the final and also at Ebt Camelot tournament winning the silver at back of strong portuguese team of Ad Iasports that had also World and Olympic Champions from Brazil and Argentina in the team. The french girls of Les Touristes of coach Claudio Zafarana will come back for second year in a row with more experience and "hunger", the young girls of Drechtsteden from Netherlands and expert and so good german teams of Monkeys Koln, Caipiranhas and Beach Unicorns from Hannover that will show how good it's the level of german beach handball.

Karin Cup will begins on December 26th and will end in the afternoon of December 28th, all of which includes collateral events, tourism, player's parties, kids and animation day, promotional products, photo booth, a stand were will be sold hot chocolate milk and the dutch cookie treat hot stroopwafels, and organization will also sell a tournament t-shirts. So, you can't miss the event!

All within an international environment given the represented by teams, referees and delegates from 12 different nations from Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Ukraine and guests from other nations and at the same time the event will be cosmopolitan since the same universal language will be spoken, language of Sport.

So, everythings it's almost ready and tournament and players can't wait to come back on court after some months of break.


Karin Cup 2023 is coming soon, let's meet at The Beach in Aalsmer or follow the live streaming on YouTube page at Karin Cup Page.

Streaming Court 1:



Streaming Court 2:





Men Teams (12):

12 Monkeys Koln BHC (GER)

Beach and Da Gang U21 (GER)

Feyenoord (GER)

Beach Handball Tilburg (NED)

SG Schurwald (GER)

French Corsairs (FRA)

BADG Youngsters (GER)

Ry Beach (DEN)

Aarhus Beach (DEN)

Beach Bazis (GER)

Hiekka Hauskaa U18 (NED)

Hiekka Hauskaa (NED)



Women Teams (12):

Westsite (NED)

Volendam (NED)

Beach Handball Tilburg (NED)

Beach Unicorns Hannover (GER)

CAIPIranhas (GER)

Feyenoord (NED)

Danish Beach Handball Dream (DEN)

Black Lake Beach (NED)

Drechtsteden Beach (NED)

12 Monkeys Ladies (GER)

Les Touristes (FRA)

Hiekka Hauskaa (NED)



Under 18 Girls:

Beach Bazis (GER)

Beach and da Gang (GER)

Niedorp (NED)

Feyenoord (NED)

Black Swans (NED)

Hiekka Hauskaa U18 (NED)


Under 16 Boys:

Nordlichter (GER)

Beach and da Gang (GER)

Happy Strand Chiller (GER)

Hv Hellas (NED)

Greenpark Aalsmeer (NED)

Hiekka (NED)




EHF Referees:

Hanna Silvestrova - Volodymyr Filonenko (Ukraine)

Plamena Georgieva - Kremena Georgieva (Bulgaria)

Zeljko Ivanovic - Ivan Curcic (Montenegro)

Adrian Gabris (Slovakia)

Nikoleta Lamprini Velani (Greece)



EHF Delegates:

Andrzej Jaworski (Poland)

Marco Bodmer (Switzerland)

Antonio D'Ovidio (Italy)