EBT Calise Cup 2022: Gaeta is ready to welcome athletes, referees and participants from 8 different nations

Everything continues as planned for EBT Beach Handball Tournament Calise Cup in Gaeta (Italy).

The first arrivals are already started today, Wednesday 29 June, with the formations of the Greek Team of AEP Panorama and Radoslaw Siuda from Poland (organizer of EBT Tournament Bielsko Biala in Poland from 15 to 17 July) arrived in Gaeta and tomorrow will continue with referees and specially with dutch team that combine the sporting event with a week of vacation to come and enjoy the natural beauties of Gaeta and the South Pontino and which ones are currently they stopped to visit the cities of Rome and Naples.

The first positive note, in this XXXIII edition, is to see the increase in attendance thanks to the fans and parents of the athletes, something that in other years was not very evident and this denotes that the message that the Gaeta Handball 1984 has always wanted to pass is "Gaeta: city of sport, hospitality and a great tourist vocation".

The striking example bears the name of Ires Heynen and Bas Van Dungen, who arrived in Gaeta when they were playing in the square as children, and broke all attendance records even for players residing in Gaeta thanks to their passion for our city. they pass it on to all their comrades and friends in the Dutch community.

In fact, over 40 forty people will be present in Gaeta, true ambassadors of the beauty of our city and the welcome of its people. Thanks to the media and in particular to Radio Spazio Blu, the official radio.

Says the President Ciano Cosmo "Thanks to the collaboration with the FIGH and the presence of the National Women's" Blue Team "we will have a technical increase in terms of professionalism and competence, we are also doing a work of dissemination and involvement both sporting and tourism with the production of video thanks to Diego Sasso and the live streaming "Facebook page" Calise Cup "(https://www.facebook.com/calisecup) of the entire event and on TVgolfo for the final day and live on the platform linked to TV Golfo-RTG channel 810 of digital terrestrial and flooding the network and social networks with news and photos of the teams and sponsors in all its forms in which the beauty and the sporting vocation of the city are the central theme of the initiative.

Something that makes us proud and encourages us to do better and better, for this reason I feel the duty to thank all those who have always supported us and supported us for years without which we could not achieve these results and in particular the Aurora, Miramare bathing establishments, Selene and Serapide, and all the others of the Serapo Beach Riviera who have embraced, since 1989, the initiatives related to the Memorial Calise, making their facilities available free of charge and for their great availability towards our guests, and it is thanks to them that it has become one of the 10 most important and longest-running tournaments in Europe.

And this year association "Gaet@t" has also joined. Association of trade and service operators in Gaeta, which with a small but significant contribution, as a supporting member of the event, and thanks to its members, will allow us to provide more and more services. In fact, this year their help will be used for environmental sustainability and we will give all participants a water bottle that athletes can fill to reduce the use of plastic in such a delicate moment for our land. Everything will start on Friday 1 July from 09:00 to 13:00 with the presence of over 150 children mainly from the Apeiron Summer Camps, ASD Virtus San Giovanni Formia, Don Bosco Gaeta Summer Camp and Flamingo Sport Campu and athletes from 8 to 14 years old. and everything is free to participate for the mini beach handball tournament, the Kids Day and the Under 14 tournament. See you on 1, 2 and 3 July on the golden sand of Gaeta ..."


We are waiting for you.